Art. No.

Mower knives - Type

P71511 STEYR T80 4,5´, smooth, 7256G
P71512 STEYR T80 4,5´, serrated, 7256G
P71521 STEYR T80 5´, smooth, 7256G
P71522 STEYR T80 5´, serrated, 7256G
P71571 STEYR N180a 4,5´, smooth, 7256G
P71572 STEYR N180a 4,5´, serrated, 7256G
P71581 STEYR N180a 5´, smooth, 7256G
P71582 STEYR N180a 5´, serrated, 7256G
P71611 STEYR 188 5´, smooth
P71612 STEYR 188 5´, serrated
P71631 STEYR 190 5´, smooth
P71632 STEYR 190 5´, serrated
P71641 STEYR 190 6´, smooth
P71642 STEYR 190 6´, serrated
P71621 STEYR 188 6´, smooth
P71622 STEYR 188 6´, serrated
P72021 STEYR-PHANTOM 5´, smooth, with strengthen bar
P72022 STEYR-PHANTOM 5´, serrated, with strengthen bar
P72041 STEYR-PHANTOM 6´, smooth with strengthen bar
P72042 STEYR-PHANTOM 6´, serrated with strengthen bar
P72031 STEYR-PHANTOM 5 ½´, smooth, with strengthen bar
P72032 STEYR-PHANTOM 5 ½´ , serrated, with strengthen bar



Art. No.

Mower knife sections - Type

P77812 STEYR-PHANTOM/2-holes, serrated, 192.72.0252 76x81,3x2mm
P87572 STEYR-PHANTOM/2-holes, serrated, 76x81,3x2,7mm
P77811 STEYR-PHANTOM/2-holes, smooth 192.72.0251 76x81,3x2mm
P77802 STEYR/2-holes, serrated, 180.72.17 76x80x2mm
P77801 STEYR/2-holes, smooth, 180.72.84 76x80x2mm



Art. No.

Mower knife backs - Type

P7559 STEYR T80, 4 ½ 1477x22x6mm
P7560 STEYR T80, 5´ 1629x22x6mm
P7563 STEYR T80, 4 ½ 1477x22x6mm
P7564 STEYR T80, 5´ 1629x22x6mm
P7565 STEYR T188, 5´ 1669x22x6mm
P7567 STEYR T190, 5´ 1669x22x6mm
P7568 STEYR T190, 6´ 1974x22x6mm
P7566 STEYR T188, 6´ 1974x22x6mm
P7569 STEYR-PHANTOM 5´ 1675x22x5mm
P7571 STEYR-PHANTOM 6´ 1985x22x5mm
P7570 STEYR-PHANTOM 5 ½´ 1832x22x5mm



Art. No.

Knife heads - Type

P8416 STEYR 180.72.04, 6mm head holes, cast
P8455 STEYR 180a.72.56, 8mm head holes, steel, Execution for strengthen bar
P8417 STEYR 180a.72.56, 8mm head holes, cast
P8419 STEYR 188.72.374
P8420 STEYR 190.72.10
P8440 STEYR-PHANTOM 192.72.0212 for knife with spring plate



Art. No.

Knife head plates - Type

P8305 STEYR 180.72.16, holes 6mm
P8306 STEYR 180a.72.57, holes 8mm
P8307 STEYR 188.72.267, holes 8mm



Art. No.

Cleaning plates - Type

P8114 STEYR 180.7218



Art. No.

Finger plates - Type

P80181 STEYR 180.72.293, smooth
P80182 STEYR 180.72.316, serrated
P80192 STEYR ST 256, serrated
P80191 STEYR ST 256, smooth



Art. No.

Shoe plates - Type

P8209 STEYR 180.72.90
P8210 STEYR 188.72.47



Art. No.

Mower fingers - Type

P8024 STEYR-PHANTOM 192.72.0070, single finger
P8025 STEYR188.72.0509, double finger
P8031 STEYR 188.72.601, double finger,
All parts which are shown in the list are not original parts, they are mostly high quality Schröckenfux parts.

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