Art. No.

Mower knives -Type

P71441 BUSATIS 1800mm, lower knife, Ref. M12
P71431 BUSATIS 1800mm, lower knife, Ref. M12
P71401 BUSATIS lower knife 5´, Reform 2000
P70361 BUSATIS lower knife 5´ for BM 321
P71391 BUSATIS upper knife 5´ Reform 2000
P70351 BUSATIS upper knife 5´ for BM 321
P70381 BUSATIS lower knife 6´ for BM 321
P70371 BUSATIS upper knife 6´ for BM 321
P71421 BUSATIS lower knife 1450mm, Ref. M12
P70401 BUSATIS lower knife 5´ for BM 1102
P71411 BUSATIS upper knife 1450mm, Ref. M12
P70391 BUSATIS upper knife 5´ for BM 1102
P71461 BUSATIS lower knife 2000mm, Ref. METR.
P70421 BUSATIS lower knife 6´ zu BM 1102
P71451 BUSATIS upper knife, 2000mm, Ref. METR.
P70411 BUSATIS upper knife 6´ for BM 1102
P71772 BUSATIS for hydraulic motor 6´ , serrated
P73102 BUSATIS for hydraulic motor 5 ½´ , serrated
P73612 BUSATIS for hydraulic motor 6´, serrated
P72771 BUSATIS 1700mm, upper knife for BM 1102
P72761 BUSATIS 1700mm, lower knife for BM 1102
P73572 BUSATIS-FENDT 6´, serrated
P73122 BUSATIS-TAIFUN 51/2´, serrated
P73112 BUSATIS-TAIFUN 5´, serrated
P73132 BUSATIS-TAIFUN 6´ , serrated



Art. No.

Mower knife sections - Type

P7744 BUSATIS 5802.009.01, without pivot  
P7840 BUSATIS 5802.010.01, with short pivot  
P7745 BUSATIS 5802.011.01, with long pivot  
P87934 BUSATIS 5803.004.01, zones hardened 58x105x2,7mm
P87854 BUSATIS 5803.004.01, full hardened 58x105x2,7mm
P77382 BUSATIS GB 180/5-holes, serrated 76x80x2mm
P77381 BUSATIS GB 180/5-holes, smooth 76x80x2mm
P77392 BUSATIS GB 180A/5-holes, serrated, top countersunk 76x80x2mm
P77391 BUSATIS GB 180A/5-holes, smooth, top countersunk 76x80x2mm
P86322 BUSATIS GB 543/2-holes, serrated, under countersunk 76x90x3mm
P77372 BUSATIS GB 543/2-holes, serrated, bent up 76x90x3mm
P86321 BUSATIS GB 543/2-holes, smooth, under countersunk 76x90x3mm
P77371 BUSATIS GB 543/2-holes, smooth, bent up 76x90x3mm
P77411 BUSATIS GB 179/5-holes, smooth, top countersunk 76x75x2mm
P77412 BUSATIS GB 179/5-holes, serrated, top countersunk 76x75x2mm
P77402 BUSATIS GB 210/4-holes, serrated, top countersunk 76x80x2mm
P77401 BUSATIS GB 210/4-holes, smooth, top countersunk 76x80x2mm
P77432 BUSATIS GB 211/4-holes, serrated 76x75x2mm
P77431 BUSATIS GB 211/4-holes, smooth 76x75x2mm
P77422 BUSATIS GB 661/5-holes, serrated 76x75x2mm
P77421 BUSATIS GB 661/5-holes, smooth 76x75x2mm



Art. No.

Mower knife backs - Type

P7684 BUSATIS for 22 sections GB2730 1655x20x6mm
P7685 BUSATIS for 23 sections GB2730 1740x20x6mm
P7597 BUSATIS for 24 sections GB2730 1815x20x6mm
P7662 BUSATIS for 25 sections GB2730 1885x20x6mm
P7663 BUSATIS for 26 sections GB2730 1960x20x6mm
P7664 BUSATIS for 30 sections GB2730 2265x20x6mm
P7665 BUSATIS for 31 sections GB2730 2340x20x6mm
P9378 BUSATIS-BIDUX upper knife (39 sections) 2722x20x6mm
P7696 BUSATIS-BIDUX upper knife 165cm 1670x20x6mm
P7694 BUSATIS-BIDUX upper knife 190cm 1880x20x6mm
P7698 BUSATIS-BIDUX upper knife 210cm 2090x20x6mm
P7561 BUSATIS-BIDUX upper knife 240cm 2380x20x6mm
P9377 BUSATIS-BIDUX lower knife (34 blades) 2834x20x6mm
P7695 BUSATIS-BIDUX lower knife 165cm 1750x20x6mm
P7693 BUSATIS-BIDUX lower knife 190cm 1990x20x6mm
P7697 BUSATIS-BIDUX lower knife 210cm 2170x20x6mm
P7562 BUSATIS-BIDUX lower knife 240cm 2510x20x6mm
P7442 BUSATIS upper knife 230cm for BM 1102 2265x20x6mm
P7435 BUSATIS upper knife GB12009 for BM 321 KW 1520x20x6mm
P7437 BUSATIS upper knife GB12045 for BM 321 KW 1900x20x6mm
P7439 BUSATIS upper knife GB12050 for BM 1102 1505x20x6mm
P7441 BUSATIS upper knife GB12094 for BM 1102 1885x20x6mm
P7443 BUSATIS lower knife 230cm for BM 1102 2340x20x6mm
P7434 BUSATIS lower knife GB12010 for BM 321 KW 1580x20x6mm
P7436 BUSATIS lower knife GB12046 for BM 321 KW 1960x20x6mm
P7438 BUSATIS lower knife GB12051 for BM 1102 1580x20x6mm
P7440 BUSATIS lower knife GB12095 for BM 1102 1960x20x6mm



Art. No.

Knife heads - Type

P8467 BUSATIS 5840.002.02 for hydraulic motor
P8426 BUSATIS 5840.043.01 for upper knife GB2645
P8427 BUSATIS 5840.045.01 for lower knife GB2659
P8428 BUSATIS 5840.052.01 for upper knife GB2741
P8429 BUSATIS 5840.053.01 for lower knife GB2742
P8456 BUSATIS-BIDUX 5840.040.05 for upper knife
P8444 BUSATIS-BIDUX 5840.040.01 for upper knife
P8445 BUSATIS-BIDUX 5840.055.01 for lower knife



Art. No.

Knife head plates - Type

P8301 BUSATIS GB ST 57, bent up, holes 8mm
P8300 BUSATIS GB ST 16, bent up. holes 6mm
P8310 BUSATIS GB 2647R, 5830.024.01 for upper knife
P8311 BUSATIS GB 2648R, 5830.026.01 for upper knife



Art. No.

Cleaning plates - Type

P8106 BUSATIS GB40 ½


Art. No.

Finger plates - Type

P80072 BUSATIS GB23, serrated
P80402 BUSATIS GB27, serrated
P80082 BUSATIS GB41 ¾, serrated



Art. No.

Mower fingers - Type

P8027 BUSATIS BF012 (GB22), double finger
P8030 BF016 to Taifun, double finger, without finger plate


All parts which are shown in the list are not original parts, they are mostly high quality Schröckenfux parts.


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