Scythe equipment

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wooden grip, oval hole, for bent snath
  • A6384 A6385
A 6384
wooden grip, round hole, for straight snath
A 6385
Complete mounting set for patent scythe (with one slit and a round pivot) ,for wooden snath  A6386
A 6386
Complete mounting set for "PIESSLINGER-PATENT-SCYTHE" (with two slits) , for wooden snath  A6006
A 6005

Scythe ring simple, with key,galvanized

Size 2, heigth/width 35x35 mm
Size 3, heigth/width 40x35 mm

A 6013
A 6014

Scythe ring double, with key, galvanized

Size 1, heigth/width 30x35 mm
Size 2, heigth/width 35x35 mm
Size 3, heigth/width 40x35 mm
replacement screw for scythe ring galvanized

A 6025
A 6015
A 6016
A 6030

Scythe ring double with ring screw, galvanized

Size 2, height/width 35x35 mm
Size 3, height/width 40x35 mm

A 6018
A 6019

Special scythe ring double, for metal tube - garden scythe snath
higth/width 30x38mm, with inner hexagon screw 
M12 with key, galvanized

Special scythe ring double, for adjustable wooden scythe snath
higth/width 45x38mm, 
with inner hexagon screw 
M12 with key, galvanized

 A6055 A6056 A 6055

A 6056
Scythe ring - key, galvanized  A6020
A 6020
Plastic whetstone holder, yellow  A6021
A 6021
Copper whetstone holder  A6054 A 6054
Cow horn whetstone holder  P9905 P 9905
Natural whetstones    
Mailänder "Drache grün", 23/24 cm  Naturwetzsteine A6102 A610725 A 6102
Mailänder "2 Fahnen", roter Doppelbock, 23/24 cm A 6389
Mailänder "2 Fahnen", roter Doppelbock, 28/29 cm A 6390
Natural whetstones with plastic handle 24/26 cm A 6104
Rozsutec, very fine, 21 or 25 cm A610721
"STYRIA" - Korund  Kunstwetzsteine A 6105
"TIP-TOP"-Korund A 6108
"FUX" - Silicium Carbid A 6103
"Radikalschnitt-Golmarke" - Silicium Carbid A 6366
"Original Silicar", Blaumarke, 260 x 14 mm A 6383
Hammer for scythe sharpening  A6434
A 6434
Scythe sharpening set, 52x112 mm
Replacement shell No. 1 - 22x43 mm (1 ring)
Replacement shell No. 2 - 22x43 mm (2 rings)


 A6027 A6029

A 6027
A 6028
A 6029
Peening anvil with support table, round path



Peening Anvi, flat 35x35 mm



A 6435

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