Art. No.

Combine harvester knives - Type

P96773 DRONNINGBORG-CASE 28283009, top serrated
P96863 DRONNINGBORG-CASE 28283306, top serrated
P96763 DRONNINGBORG-CASE 28283307, top serrated
P96853 DRONNINGBORG-CASE 28283308, top serrated
P96783 DRONNINGBORG-CASE 28283865, top serrated
P96873 DRONNINGBORG-CASE 28285042, top serrated


Art. No.

Mower knife sections - Type

P86683 DRONNINGBORG 44103700, top serrated 76x81,3x2,7mm
P86953 DRONNINGBORG 44103800, half section, top serrated 38x82,6x3mm
P86963 DRONNINGBORG 44104000, half section, top serrated 38x82,6x3mm



Art. No.

Mower knife backs - Type

P9342 DRONNINGBORG 1/2+101+1/2 sections, drilled 7781x20x6mm
P9422 DRONNINGBORG 1/2+101+1/2 sections, drilled and countersunk 7781x20x6mm
P9341 DRONNINGBORG 1/2+49+1/2 sections, drilled 3819x20x6mm
P9277 DRONNINGBORG 1/2+57+1/2 sections, drilled 4429x20x6mm
P9419 DRONNINGBORG 1/2+57+1/2 sections, drilled and countersunk 4429x20x6mm
P9200 DRONNINGBORG 1/2+65+1/2 sections, drilled 5038x20x6mm
P9420 DRONNINGBORG 1/2+73+1/2 sections, drilled and countersunk 5648x20x6mm
P9201 DRONNINGBORG 1/2+73+1/2 sections, drilled 5647x20x6mm
P9263 DRONNINGBORG 1/2+74+1/2 sections, drilled 5724x20x6mm
P9202 DRONNINGBORG 1/2+81+1/2 sections, drilled 6257x20x6mm
P9421 DRONNINGBORG 1/2+81+1/2 sections, drilled and countersunk 6257x20x6mm
P9203 DRONNINGBORG 1/2+89+1/2 sections, drilled 6867x20x6mm


All parts which are shown in the list are not original parts, they are mostly high quality Schröckenfux parts.

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