Art. No.

Mower knives - Type

P71111 RAPID 1300mm, smooth, 93316
P71112 RAPID 1300mm, serrated, 93317
P71121 RAPID 1600mm, smooth, 93319-3
P71122 RAPID 1600mm, serrated, 93318
P71131 RAPID 1900mm, smooth, 5 cleaning plates
P71141 RAPID 1900mm, smooth, 6 cleaning plates
P71142 RAPID 1900mm, serrated,
P96532 RAPID 1000mm, serrated
P96542 RAPID 1300mm, serrated
P70462 RAPID 1300mm, serrated, with cleaning plates and thread
P73432 RAPID 1450mm, serrated
P72992 RAPID 1600mm, serrated, 2 RPL 14902, 2 tapped holes M8
P95302 RAPID 1600mm, serrated, Mulch L/R
P96482 RAPID 1600mm, serrated, 8 RPL 14902, 2 tapped holes M8
P72982 RAPID 1900mm, serrated, 2 tapped holes M8
P95332 RAPID 1900mm, serrated, f. MULCH/WS
P95832 RAPID 1900mm, serrated, 253014, 6 RPL 14902, 2 tapped holes M8
P71562 RAPID 1900mm, serrated, 257095, 5 RPL 14902, 2 tapped holes M8
P95322 RAPID 1900mm, serrated, MULCH L/R, 4 RPL 14902, 2 tapped holes M8
P70582 RAPID 1900mm, serrated, 13 RPL and thread
P95222 RAPID 1980mm, serrated, MULCH
P95372 RAPID 2200mm, serrated, MULCH L/R, 4 RPL 14902, 2 tapped holes M8
P95312 RAPID 2500mm, serrated, MULCH L/R, 6 RPL 14902, 2 tapped holes M8
P95792 RAPID 2030mm, serrated, 257238, 23/257247, 10/257246, 2/257245
P95802 RAPID 2030mm, serrated, 257239, 24/257247, 9/257246, 2/257245
P95812 RAPID 1970mm, serrated, 257243, 16/257247, 16/257246, 2/257245
P95822 RAPID 2060mm, serrated, 257512, 18/257096, 9/257514


Art. No.

Mower knife sections - Type

P86712 RAPID 256588, serrated, top countersunk, 58x83x2mm
P86472 RAPID 257096-4, serrated, 76x82,6x2mm
P87472 RAPID 257097-4, 5-holes, serrated, 76x82,6x2mm
P86482 RAPID 257097-4, 5-holes, serrated, rivet hole, top counter sunk 76x82,6x2mm
P87512 RAPID 257245, 4-holes, serrated, top countersunk 58x83x2,5mm
P87502 RAPID 257246, 3-holes, serrated, top countersunk 58x83x2,5mm
P87402 RAPID 257247,4-holes, serrated, top countersunk 58x83x2,5mm
P87452 RAPID 257247, 2-holes, serrated, 58x83x2,5mm
P87532 RAPID 257514, 4-holes, serrated, top countersunk 76x82,6x2mm
P77692 RAPID 2-holes, serrated, 93315-4 76x80x2mm
P77691 RAPID 2-holes, smooth, 93311-4 76x80x2mm
P77702 RAPID 5-holes, serrated. holes top countersunk, 93313-4 76x80x2mm
P77701 RAPID 5-holes, smooth, holes top countersunk, 93314-4 76x80x2mm



Art. No.

Mower knife backs -Type

P7539 RAPID 1300mm with thread 1295x20x6mm
P7540 RAPID 1600mm with thread 1600x20x6mm
P7681 RAPID 1900mm with thread 1905x20x6mm
P7541 RAPID 1900mm without thread 1905x20x6mm
P9401 RAPID 1970mm with thread for knife 257243 1972x20x6mm
P9400 RAPID 2030mm with thread for knife 257238 2030x20x6mm
P9403 RAPID 2030mm with thread for knife 257239 2030x20x6mm
P9402 RAPID 2060mm with thread for knife 257512 2057x20x6mm



Art. No.

Cleaning plates -Type

P8108 RAPID 14902-4 (22057a)
P8123 RAPID 256589
P8126 RAPID 257248/4holes, for knife 257238, 257239, 257243


Art. No.

Mower fingers - Type

P8032 RAPID 22.160, dpuble finger
All parts which are shown in the list are not original parts, they are mostly high quality Schröckenfux parts.

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