Art. No.

Mower knives - Type

P70061 AEBI 1300mm, smooth AM9985/1
P70062 AEBI 1300mm, serrated AM9985/13
P70071 AEBI 1450mm, smooth AM9972/1
P70072 AEBI 1450mm, serrated AM9972/13
P70081 AEBI 1600mm, smooth AM9970/1
P70082 AEBI 1600mm, serrated AM9970/1
P70091 AEBI 1900mm, smooth AM8884/1
P70092 AEBI 1900mm, serrated AM8884/13
P70101 AEBI 1900mm, smooth AM9051/1
P70102 AEBI 1900mm, serrated AM9051/13
P70041 AEBI 1900mm, smooth AM9509/13
P70042 AEBI 1900mm, serrated AM9509/13
P70011 AEBI 1400mm, smooth AM390/1
P70012 AEBI 1400mm, serrated AM390/1
P70021 AEBI 1600mm, smooth AM18/8
P70022 AEBI 1600mm, serrated AM18/8
P70031 AEBI 1900mm, smooth AM126/8
P70032 AEBI 1900mm, serrated AM126/8
P70001 AEBI 1300mm, smooth AM4452/9
P70002 AEBI 1300mm, serrated AM4452/9
P70051 AEBI 1900mm, smooth AM20991/1
P70052 AEBI 1900mm, serrated AM20991/18
P70111 AEBI 1900mm, smooth AM21981/1
P70112 AEBI 1900mm, serrated AM21981/18
P72832 AEBI 1450mm, serrated AM24279/13
P73402 AEBI 1450mm, serrated AM24282/13
P72822 AEBI 1600mm, serrated AM23537/13
P72802 AEBI 1600mm, serrated AM28294/1
P72821 AEBI 1600mm, smooth AM23537/1
P72812 AEBI 1750mm, serrated AM27141/1
P72362 AEBI 1900mm, serrated AM23535/13
P73472 AEBI 1900mm, serrated AM22820/18
P72922 AEBI 1900mm, serrated AM23535/13
P72792 AEBI 1900mm, serrated AM23534/18
P72782 AEBI 1900mm, serrated AM23533/18
P73242 AEBI 1900mm, serrated AM28289/1
P73241 AEBI 1900mm, smooth AM28289/1
P95592 AEBI 2200mm, serrated AM26285/1
P70432 AEBI 1300mm, serrated AM813



Art. No.

Mower knife sections-Type

P77152 AEBI 333/2-holes, serrated 76x80x2mm
P77151 AEBI 333/2-holes, smooth 76x80x2mm
P77162 AEBI 333A/3-holes, serrated 76x80x2mm
P77161 AEBI 333A/3-holes, smooth 76x80x2mm
P77172 AEBI 333B/3-holes, serrated 76x80x2mm
P77171 AEBI 333B/3-holes, smooth 76x80x2mm
P77182 AEBI 2-holes, serrated, AM 8670-1 76x75x2mm
P77181 AEBI 2-holes, smooth, AM 8660-1 76x75x2mm
P77212 AEBI 2-holes, serrated, under countersunk , AM9507-2 76x75x2mm
P77211 AEBI 2-holes, smooth, under countersunk, AM9507-1 76x75x2mm
P77221 AEBI 2-holes, smooth, top countersunk, AM9130-1 76x75x2mm
P77222 AEBI 2-holes, serrated, top countersunk, AM9130-2 76x75x2mm
P86822 AEBI 2-holes, serrated, top countersunk, 76x75x2mm
P86821 AEBI 2-holes, smooth, top countersunk, 76x75x2mm
P77192 AEBI 3-holes, serrated, center holes 5,6mm AM8670-2 76x75x2mm
P77202 AEBI 3-holes, serrated, center hole 9mm AM8670-3 76x75x2mm
P86402 AEBI 3-holes, serrated, right hole 10mm AM8670/4 76x75x2mm
P86412 AEBI 3-holes, serrated, left hole 10mm, AM8670/5 76x75x2mm
P77201 AEBI 3-holes, smooth, center hole 9mm, AM8660-3 76x75x2mm
P77191 AEBI 3-holes, smooth, center hole 5,6mm AM8660-2 76x75x2mm
P86942 AEBI 3-holes, serrated, top countersunk, center 
hole 9mm



Art. No.

Mower knife backs -Type

P7405 AEBI 1300mm AM9985 1295x20x5,5mm
P7406 AEBI 1450mm AM9972 1448x20x5,5mm
P7407 AEBI 1600mm AM9970 1600x20x5,5mm
P7401 AEBI 1450mm AM390/1 1448x20x5,5mm
P7402 AEBI 1600mm AM18/8 1600x20x5,5mm
P7403 AEBI 1900mm AM126/8 1905x20x5,5mm
P7400 AEBI 1300mm AM4452/9 1295x20x5,5mm
P9469 AEBI 1450mm AM9972/13 1448x20x5,5mm
P9467 AEBI 1600mm AM28294/1 1600x20x5,5mm
P9468 AEBI 1750mm AM27141/1 1753x20x5,5mm
P9470 AEBI 1900mm AM28289/1 1905x20x5,5mm
P9344 AEBI 1750mm 1753x20x5,5mm
P9345 AEBI 2200mm 2210x20x5,5mm
P7404 AEBI 1900mm AM9509,20991,8884,9051,21981 1905x20x5,5mm



Art. No.

Wearing plates -Type

P8400 AEBI AM6/1
P8401 AEBI AM8880/1
Art. No.

Cleaning plates -Type

P8100 AEBI 1250
P8121 AEBI AM23328/2, center hole 9mm
P8101 AEBI AM8731/2



Art. No.

Finger plates - Type

P80002 AEBI A33, serrated
P80022 AEBI A34 H, serrated
P80012 AEBI A34, serrated



Art. Nr.

Schuhplatten - Type

P8201 AEBI 748, lrft
P8200 AEBI 748, right


Art. Nr.


P8029 AEBI AM 8859/4=A73N, double finger, middle cut
All parts which are shown in the list are not original parts, they are mostly high quality Schröckenfux parts.

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