Art. No.

Mower knives - Type

P71251 REFORM 1300mm, smooth, round hole
P71252 REFORM 1300mm, serrated, round hole
P71261 REFORM 1100mm, smooth, square hole
P71262 REFORM 1100mm, serrated , square hole
P71271 REFORM 1300mm, smooth, square hole
P71272 REFORM 1300mm, serrated, square hole
P71281 REFORM 1500mm, smooth, square hole
P71282 REFORM 1500mm, serrated, square hole
P71291 REFORM 1600mm, smooth, square hole
P71292 REFORM 1600mm, serrated, square hole
P71301 REFORM 1300mm, smooth, oval hole
P71302 REFORM 1300mm, serrated, oval hole
P71311 REFORM 1450mm, smooth, oval hole
P71312 REFORM 1450mm, serrated, oval hole
P71321 REFORM 1500mm, smooth, oval hole
P71322 REFORM 1500mm, serrated, oval hole
P71331 REFORM 1600mm, smooth, oval hole
P71332 REFORM 1600mm, serrated, oval hole
P71341 REFORM 1300mm, smooth, M115
P71342 REFORM 1300mm, serrated, M115
P71351 REFORM 1450mm, smooth, M115
P71352 REFORM 1450mm, serrated, M115
P71361 REFORM 1600mm, smooth, M115
P71362 REFORM 1600mm, serrated, M115
P71371 REFORM-BCS 1100mm, smooth, M715
P71372 REFORM-BCS 1100mm, serrated, M715
P71381 REFORM-BCS 1300mm, smooth, M715
P71382 REFORM-BCS 1300mm, serrated, M715
P72192 REFORM 1300mm, serrated for mower 116, 316
P72191 REFORM 1300mm, smooth for mower 116, 316
P72201 REFORM 1450mm, smooth for mower 116, 316
P72212 REFORM 1600mm, serrated for mower 116, 316
P72211 REFORM 1600mm, smooth for mower 116, 316
P73482 REFORM 1600mm, serrated for mower 316
P73492 REFORM 1900mm, serrated for mower 316
P73691 REFORM 416 BIDUX 1200mm, smooth,
P71781 REFORM 416 BIDUX 1400mm, smooth
P72541 REFORM 416 BIDUX-upper knife, 1350mm, smooth
P72561 REFORM 416 BIDUX-upper knife, 1700mm, smooth
P72551 REFORM 416 BIDUX-lower knife, 1350mm, smooth
P72571 REFORM 416 BIDUX-lower knife, 1700mm, smooth
P95572 REFORM 1270mm, serrated, 590.46708
P95862 REFORM 1450mm, serrated, cutout
P95861 REFORM 1450mm, smooth, cutout
P73422 REFORM 1600mm, serrated, cutout
P73421 REFORM 1600mm, smooth, cutout
P73952 REFORM 1900mm, serrated, cutout
P73501 REFORM METR.BIDUX-upper knife, 2000mm, smooth
P73521 REFORM METR.BIDUX-upper knife, 2300mm, smooth
P73511 REFORM METR.BIDUX-lower knife 2000mm, smooth
P73531 REFORM METR.BIDUX-lower knife 2300mm, smooth
P73931 REFORM METR.BIDUX-KNIFE upper knife2300mm, smooth, thread
P73941 REFORM METR.BIDUX-KNIFE lower knife 2300mm, smooth
P72241 REFORM uper knife, 1800mm, Kombi M12
P72251 REFORM lower knife, 1800mm, Kombi M12
P73541 REFORM-METR.EINGRASM. upper knife 200
P73551 REFORM-METR.EINGRASM. lower knife 200


Art. No.

Mower knife sections - Type

P77731 REFORM 2-holes, smooth, RM58.2.33/ 76x80x2mm
P77732 REFORM 2-holes, serrated, RM58.2.33 76x80x2mm
P77741 REFORM 2-holes, smooth, RM58.2.34, top countersunk 76x80x2mm
P77742 REFORM 2-holes, serrated, RM58.2.34, top countersunk 76x80x2mm
P77751 REFORM 3-holes, smooth, RM58.2.37 76x80x2mm
P77752 REFORM 3-holes, serrated, Rm58.2.37 76x80x2mm
P77761 REFORM 3-holes, smooth, RM58.2.69, left hole 8,4mm 76x80x2mm
P77762 REFORM 3-holes, serrated, RM58.2.69, left hole 8,4mm 76x80x2mm
P77771 REFORM 3-holes, smooth, RM58.2.70, right hole 8,4mm 76x80x2mm
P77772 REFORM 3-holes, serrated, RM58.2.70, right hole 8,4mm 76x80x2mm



Art. No.

Mower knife backs - Type

P7546 REFORM 1300mm round hole 1295x22x6mm
P5747 REFORM 1100mm square hole 1067x22x6mm
P7548 REFORM 1300mm square hole 1295x22x6mm
P7549 REFORM 1500mm square hole 1524x22x6mm
P7550 REFORM 1600mm square hole 1600x22x6mm
P7551 REFORM 1300mm oval hole 1295x22x6mm
P7552 REFORM 1450mm oval hole 1448x22x6mm
P7553 REFORM 1500mm oval hole 1524x22x6mm
P7554 REFORM 1600mm oval hole 1600x22x6mm
P7555 REFORM 1450mm for mower 115 1448x22x6mm
P7556 REFORM 1600mm for mower 115 1600x22x6mm
P7660 REFORM 1100mm for mower 715 1142x20x5,5mm
P7661 REFORM 1300mm for mower 715 1295x20x5,5mm
P7586 REFORM-upper knife for mower M12 1758x20x6mm
P7587 REFORM-lower knife for mower M12 1811x20x6mm
P7584 REFORM 1100mm for mower 715 1142x20x5,5mm
P7583 REFORM 1300mm for mower 115 1295x22x6mm
P7585 REFORM 1300mm for mower 715 1295x20x5,5mm
P7479 REFORM 1450mm, cutout 1450x22x6mm
P7448 REFORM 1600mm for MK 110423209, cutout 1600x22x6mm
P7449 REFORM 1900mm for MK 110424208, cutout 1905x22x6mm
P9265 REFORM-BIDUX upper knife 1400mm 1390x20x6mm
P9233 REFORM-BIDUX upper knife 2000mm 1880x20x6mm
P9235 REFORM-BIDUX upper knife 2300mm 2310x20x6mm
P9264 REFORM-BIDUX lower knife 1400mm 1405x20x6mm
P9234 REFORM-BIDUX lower knife 2000mm 1990x20x6mm
P9236 REFORM-BIDUX lower knife 2300mm 2430x20x6mm



Art. No.

Wearing plates - Type

P8414 REFORM 110.422.315.0, short
P8448 REFORM 110.422.317.0, long



Art. No.

Cleaning plates - Type

P8111 REFORM RM58.2.16



Art. No.

Finger Plates - Type

P80152 REFORM RM110421315 serrated
P80142 REFORM RM158.2.30 serrated
P80132 REFORM RM58.2.32 serrated
P80131 REFORM RM58.2.32, smooth

Art. No.

Shoe plates - Type

P8219 REFORM 110.421.306.0
P8220 REFORM 110.421.307.0
P8206 REFORM 58.2.32a left
P8207 REFORM 58.2.32b right
Art. Nr.

Mower fingers - Type

P8026 REFORM 158.02.029=110.421.209.0, double finger
P8035 REFORM GB 30, double finger, 110.421.210.0
All parts which are shown in the list are not original parts, they are mostly high quality Schröckenfux parts.

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