Gribaldi & Salvia

Art. No.

Mower knives-Type

P96302 GRIBALDI 2150mm, serrated, + MKO Mod. 394 (14513)
P96522 GRIBALDI 1600mm, serrated, MKOPL + MKO (20152)
P96072 GRIBALDI 1850mm, serrated + MKO Mod. 34 (14512)
P96292 GRIBALDI 2150mm, serrated + MKO 017/212
P96062 GRIBALDI 1850mm, serrated + MKO 017/182


Art. No.

Mower knife sections - Type

P87064 GRIBALDI 158123 (036), smooth, not sharpened 76x88x3mm
P87051 GRIBALDI 158123 (036), smooth, rivet hole 8,5mm 76x88x3mm
P87054 GRIBALDI 158123 (036), smooth, rivet hole 8,5mm, not sharpened 76x88x3mm
P78831 GRIBLADI 158123 (036), smooth, rivet hole 5,5mm 76x88x3mm
P87111 GRIBALDI 158123 (036), smooth, rivet hole 6,5mm 76x88x3mm
P78362 GRIBALDI 158123 (036), top countersunk, serrated 76x88x3mm
P78361 GRIBALDI 158123 (036), top countersunk, smooth 76x88x3mm
P78482 GRIBALDI 158123, under countersunk, serrated 76x88x3mm
P78012 GRIBALDI GS 036, serrated 76x88x3mm
P86751 GRIBALDI GS 036, smooth (GS14671), under countersunk 76x88x3mm
P86542 GRIBALDI GS 036, serrated (GS14670), under countersunk 76x88x3mm
P86543 GRIBALDI GS 036, top serrated, under countersunk 76x88x3mm
P86761 GRIBALDI GS 036, 3-hole, smooth, (GS14673), under countersunk 76x88x3mm
P86552 GRIBALDI GS 036, 3-hole, serrated (GS14672), under countersunk 76x88x3mm



Art. No.

Mower knife backs - Type

P9446 GRIBALDI 017B/182 for knife 017/182  
P9447 GRIBALDI 017B/212 for knife 017/212  
P9453 GRIBALDI 1388/20 for knife 20152R  
P9448 GRIBALDI 14532 for knife 14512  
P9449 GRIBALDI 14533 for knife 14513  
P9284 GRIBALDI SUPERIOR , countersunk 1982x21x6mm
P9283 GRIBALDI SUPERIOR, countersunk 1829x21x6mm
P9281 GRIBALDI SUPERIOR, countersunk 2091x21x6mm
P9280 GRIBALDI SUPERIOR, countersunk 1939x21x6mm
P9413 GRIBALDI SUPERIOR, countersunk 1787x21x6mm
P9285 GRIBALDI SUPERIOR, countersunk 2134x21x6mm
P9282 GRIBALDI SUPERIOR, countersunk 2244x21x6mm
P9278 GRIBALDI SUPERIOR, countersunk 1829x21x6mm
P9279 GRIBALDI SUPERIOR, countersunk 2134x21x6mm



Art. No.

Knife heads - Type

P8490 GRIBALDI 017/A



Art. No.

Cleaning plates - Type

P8124 GRIBALDI 1395


All parts which are shown in the list are not original parts, they are mostly high quality Schröckenfux parts.

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