Art. No.

Mower knives-Type

P70441 CORMICK 5´, smooth
P70442 CORMICK 5´, serrated
P70451 CORMICK 6´, smooth
P70452 CORMICK 6´, serrated


Art. No.

Mower knife sections - Type

P77992 CORMICK CA1864, serrated 76x81,3x3mm
P77982 CORMICK CA1864, serrated 76x81,3x2mm
P77993 CORMICK CA1864, top serrated 76x81,3x3mm
P77983 CORMICK CA1864, top serrated 76x81,3x2mm
P77952 CORMICK D1140, serrated 76x80x2mm
P86022 CORMICK D1140, serrated, with stamping out at left 76x80x2mm
P86122 CORMICK D1140, serrated, with stamping out at right 76x80x2mm
P77951 CORMICK D1140, smooth 76x80x2mm
P87591 CORMICK D1140, smooth, rivet hole 8,5mm 76x80x2mm
P87594 CORMICK D1140, smooth, rivet holes 8,5mm, not sharpened 76x80x2mm
P86092 CORMICK D1140/3-holes, serrated 76x80x2mm
P86112 CORMICK D1140/3-holes, serrated, with stamping out at left 76x80x2mm
P86102 CORMICK D1140/3-holes, serrated, with stamping out at ritht 76x80x2mm
P87432 CORMICK D1140/3-holes, serrated, double side half holes 76x80x2mm
P87172 CORMICK D4010, serrated 76x80x2mm
P87663 CORMICK D4010, top serrated, 76x80x2,7mm
P87783 CORMICK D4010, top serrated, 76x80x2mm
P77972 CORMICK DA2297, serrated 76x75x3mm
P77962 CORMICK DA2297, serrated 76x75x2mm
P87262 CORMICK DA2297, serrated, 5-holes 76x75x2mm
P77961 CORMICK DA2297, smooth 76x75x2mm
P77971 CORMICK DA2297, smooth 76x75x3mm
P77963 CORMICK DA2297, top serrated 76x75x2mm
P87803 CORMICK DA2297, top serrated, rivet hole 8,5mm 76x75x2mm
P77902 CORMICK L1201, serrated 76x75x2mm
P77901 CORMICK L1201, smooth 76x75x2mm
P77502 CORMICK M1389/2-holes, serrated 76x75x2mm
P77501 CORMICK M1389/2-holes, smooth 76x75x2mm
P77941 CORMICK M333 ½, smooth 76x80x2,7mm
P77912 CORMICK M333, serrated 76x80x2mm
P77911 CORMICK M333, smooth 76x80x2mm
P77921 CORMICK M333, smooth 76x81,3x2mm
P77931 CORMICK M333/3, smooth 76x82x,3mm
P77922 CORMICK ME333, serrated 76x81,3x2mm
P77932 CORMICK ME333/3, serrated 76x82x3mm
P77923 CORMICK MO333, top serrated 76x82x2mm
P77933 CORMICK MO333/3, top serrated 76x81,3x2,7mm



Art. No.

Mower knife backs - Type

P7450 CORMICK 4 ½´ 1458x20x6mm
P7451 CORMICK 5´ 1610x20x6mm
P7452 CORMICK 6´ 1914x20x6mm



Art. No.

Knife heads - Type

P8404 CORMICK M 29220



Art. No.

Knife head plates - Type

P8302 CORMICK MA 29070


All parts which are shown in the list are not original parts, they are mostly high quality Schröckenfux parts.

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