Art. No.

Mower knives - Type

P70341 BUCHER 1900mm, smooth, 130.20.168
P70342 BUCHER 1900mm, serrated, 130.20.112
P70321 BUCHER 1450mm, smooth, 130.20.165
P70322 BUCHER 1450mm, serrated, 130.20.109
P70331 BUCHER 1600mm, smooth, 130.20.166
P70332 BUCHER 1600mm, serrated, 130.20.110
P73182 BUCHER 1115mm, serrated
P95352 BUCHER 1450mm, serrated
P73192 BUCHER 1450mm, serrated, 150.05.402
P95362 BUCHER 1600mm, serrated
P73202 BUCHER 1600mm, serrated, 150.05.400
P73172 BUCHER 1620mm, serrated, 15014136
P95522 BUCHER 1900mm, serrated,
P72852 BUCHER 1900mm, knife, serrated, 15004379
P72851 BUCHER 1900mm, knife, smooth 15004379
P95432 BUCHER 2030mm, serrated, to M550
P73062 BUCHER knife , serrated, 13020169
P73591 BUCHER-BIDUX OM 179 037 50
P73601 BUCHER-BIDUX UM 179 037 51



Art. No.

Mower knife sections - Type

P86513 BUCHER-alteration cut., serrated, top countersunk. , 13020058 76x80x2mm
P77342 BUCHER/2-holes, serrated, 130 20 003 76x80x2mm
P77362 BUCHER/2-holes, serrated, under countersunk 76x80x2mm
P77361 BUCHER/2-holes, smooth, under countersunk 76x80x2mm
P77341 BUCHER/2-holes, smooth, 130 20 001 76x80x2mm
P77352 BUCHER/3-holes, serrated, center hole10mm 76x80x2mm
P77351 BUCHER/3-holes, smooth, center hole10mm 76x80x2mm



Art. No.

Mower knife backs - Type

P7433 BUCHER 1900mm 1905x21x6mm
P7431 BUCHER 1500mm 1448x21x6mm
P7432 BUCHER 1600mm 1600x21x6mm



Art. No.

Wearing plates - Type

P8402 BUCHER 220mm, short
P8403 BUCHER 372mm, long, 105.20.135



Art. No.

Cleaning plates - Type

P8105 BUCHER FS 964, 130 15 964


Art. No.

Finger plates - Type

P80062 BUCHER FS882, 



All parts which are shown in the list are not original parts, they are mostly high quality Schröckenfux parts.

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