Art. No.

Mower knives - Type

P70211 A-RAPID 1200mm, smooth, 8/376
P70212 A-RAPID 1200mm, serrated, 8/376
P70221 A-RAPID 1400mm, smooth, 12/376
P70222 A-RAPID 1400mm, serrated, 12/376
P70231 A-RAPID 1600mm, smooth, 12/376
P70232 A-RAPID 1600mm, serrated, 12/376
P70241 A-RAPID 1350mm, smooth, 10/688
P70242 A-RAPID 1350mm, serrated, 10/688
P70251 A-RAPID 1350mm, smooth, 8/1250
P70252 A-RAPID 1350mm, serrated, 8/1250
P70261 A-RAPID 1400mm, smooth, 8/1250
P70262 A-RAPID 1400mm, serrated, 8/1250
P70271 A-RAPID 1600mm, smooth, 12/688
P70272 A-RAPID 1600mm, serrated, 12/688
P70281 A-RAPID 1900mm, smooth, 6/688
P70282 A-RAPID 1900mm, serrated, 6/688
P70291 A-RAPID 1400mm, smooth, 8/GB543
P70292 A-RAPID 1400mm, serrated 8/GB543
P70301 A-RAPID 1600mm, smooth 12/GB543
P70302 A-RAPID 1600mm, serrated 12/GB543
P70311 A-RAPID 1400mm, smooth GB543
P70312 A-RAPID 1400mm, serrated GB543
P72301 A-RAPID 1600mm, smooth, with tapped holes GB543
P72302 A-RAPID 1600mm, serrated, with tapped holes GB543
P73372 A-RAPID 1200mm, serrated 8/GB543
P72842 A-RAPID 1450mm, serrated 8/GB543
P72841 A-RAPID 1450mm, serrated 8/GB543



Art. No.

Mower knife sections-Type

P78931 A-RAPID 7014A, smooth, hole right 50x80x2,5mm
P78941 A-RAPID 7014A, smooth, hole left 50x80x3,0mm
P78951 A-RAPID 7014A, smooth, hole right 50x80x3,0mm
P78621 A-RAPID 7014A, smooth, hole left 50x80x2,5mm
P87124 A-RAPID 7014A, smooth, center hole10mm 50,8x80x2mm
P77281 A-RAPID 7014A/2-holes, smooth , under countersunk 50x80x3,0mm
P78781 A-RAPID 7014A/2-holes, smooth 50,8x80x2,5mm
P77301 A-RAPID 7014A/3-holes, smooth, top countersunk 50x80x2,5mm
P77311 A-RAPID 7014A/3-holes, smooth, under countersunk 50x80x2,5mm
P77291 A-RAPID 7014A/3-holes, smooth 50x80x2,5mm
P77312 A-RAPID 7014A/3-holes, serrated, under countersunk 50x80x2,5mm
P77292 A-RAPID 7014A/3-holes, serrated 50x80x2,5mm
P77302 A-RAPID 7014A/3-holes, serrated, top countersunk 50x80x2,5mm



Art. No.

Mower knife backs -Type,

P7421 A-RAPID 1200mm /7014a 1173x20x6mm
P7422 A-RAPID 1400mm/7014a 1377x20x6mm
P7423 A-RAPID 1600mm/7014a 1581x20x6mm
P7427 A-RAPID 1900mm/DIN80 1905x20x6mm
P7428 A-RAPID 1400mm with thread 1371x20x6mm
P7668 A-RAPID 1600mm with thread 1600x20x6mm
P7424 A-RAPID 1350mm/DIN80 1295x20x6mm
P7425 A-RAPID 1400mm/DIN80 1371x20x6mm
P7426 A-RAPID 1600mm/DIN80 1600x20x6mm



Art. No.

Wearing plates - Type

P8434 A-RAPID for section P77311



Art. No.

Cleaning plates - Type

P8103 A-RAPID 376
P8104 A-RAPID 688



Art. No.

Finger plates - Type

P80052 A-RAPID F33, serrated
P80042 A-RAPID 7019, serrated



Art. No.

Shoe plates - Type

P8204 A-RAPID 4G46/4, right
P8205 A-RAPID 4G46/5, left
All parts which are shown in the list are not original parts, they are mostly high quality Schröckenfux parts.

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