Art. No.

Mower knives - Type

P95391 BUSATIS-upper knife 1500mm, B1205, BIDUX
P72611 BUSATIS-upper knife 1650mm, B1205, BIDUX
P72631 BUSATIS-upper knife 1900mm, B1205, BIDUX
P72651 BUSATIS-upper knife 2100mm, B1205, BIDUX
P95401 BUSATIS-lower knife 1500mm, B1205, BIDUX
P72621 BUSATIS-lower knife 1650mm, B1205, BIDUX
P72641 BUSATIS-lower knife 1900mm, B1205, BIDUX
P72661 BUSATIS-lower knife 2100mm, B1205, BIDUX
P73261 BUSATIS-BIDUX upper knife 2250mm, front mower
P73301 BUSATIS-BIDUX upper knife 2400mm BM1205
P73271 BUSATIS-BIDUX lower knife 2250mm, front mower
P73311 BUSATIS-BIDUX lower knife 2400mm, BM1205



Art. No.

Mower knife sections - Type

P86181 BIDUX 5802.053.01, smooth, without pivot  
P86191 BIDUX 5802.054.91, smooth, without pivot  
P86661 BIDUX 5803.053.01, smooth, without pivot  


Art. No.

Mower knife backs - Type

P9378 BUSATIS-BIDUX upper knife 2722x20x6mm
P7696 BUSATIS-BIDUX upper knife 1650mm 1670x20x6mm
P7694 BUSATIS-BIDUX upper knife 1900mm 1880x20x6mm
P7698 BUSATIS-BIDUX upper knife 2100mm 2090x20x6mm
P7561 BUSATIS-BIDUX upper knife 2400mm 2380x20x6mm
P9377 BUSATIS-BIDUX lower knife 2834x20x6mm
P7695 BUSATIS-BIDUX lower knife 1650mm 1750x20x6mm
P7693 BUSATIS-BIDUX lower knife 1900mm 1990x20x6mm
P7697 BUSATIS-BIDUX lower knife 2100mm 2170x20x6mm
P7562 BUSATIS-BIDUX lower knife 2400mm 2510x20x6mm



Art. No.

knife heads - Type

P8456 BUSATIS-BIDUX for upper knife 5840.040.05
P8444 BUSATIS-BIDUX for upper knife 5840.040.01
P8445 BUSATIS-BIDUX for lower knife 5840.055.01
All parts which are shown in the list are not original parts, they are predominant high quality Schröckenfux parts.

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